What Are The Benefits Of A Fat Transfer?

Published July 15

If you are looking to fill in lost volume around the mouth, cheeks, and other areas, fat transfer is an excellent solution. This injectable filler is safe, and it is perfect for improving your looks. Use fat transfer if you want volume in soft tissue spaces, fill in wrinkles and fine lines, or correct facial asymmetries. 

According to The Face Place Medispa, this cosmetic or therapeutic treatment is one of the most popular since it uses the body’s product to reconstruct itself. 

What Is Fat Transfer?

This treatment takes fat tissue from your abdomen or thighs and uses it to treat wrinkles and hollowness under the eyes or sunken cheeks. It can also work for lip enhancement. 

One of the major benefits of fat transfer is that it will give your face more structure and definition.  

When To Consider Fat Transfer?

Everyone can be a right candidate for fat transfer as long as they have good health and realistic expectations. Ideally, the person should have a healthy circulatory system and no bleeding disorders. Fat transfer can be used for:

  • Aging faces suffering from:
    • Laugh lines
    • Crow’s feet
    • Forehead creases
    • Nasolabial lines
  • Restores volume loss around the eyes and in sunken cheek areas
  • Hides acne scars and pits
  • Breast Augmentation
  • Fill in contour irregularities
  • Restore lost volume due to pregnancy or aging
  • Hand Rejuvenation as it covers visible blood vessels and plumps up wrinkled areas.
  • Butt Lift

The Fat Transfer Process

The process consists of taking fat from one part of the body and moving it to another. Liposuction is the method used to remove fat from the body’s area where there is an extra amount of fat.

Generally, the fat is removed from the abdomen, sides, and thighs. After the fat is removed, it is washed and processed to be reinjected for enhancement or augmentation. 

The impressive thing about the fat transfer is that liposuction can be used to improve an area with an excess amount of fat and fill an area with a deficiency of fat. 

Please consider that fat removal is permanent, but even though the removed fat cells can’t come back, you can regain weight in that area. The fat cells that were transferred will stay in the new area permanently.

Fat Transfer is a medical procedure, so you need to find a surgeon who is experienced in these treatments.

Contact The Face Place Medispa, if you are considering using fat transfer for therapeutic or cosmetic reasons. 


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