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We're here to help you achieve your self confidence and toss out your self consciousness.

IV Therapy

Taking care of your body and your skin has never been more important.  We deal with toxins daily and the harsh affects of the sun.  IV Therapy is a great option to restore your body's nutrient levels and hydration requirements improving your energy levels and restoring your natural radiance.

B12 Shots

B12 has been said to increase energy levels and help burn away unwanted fat.  Coming in for a B12 shot today could be exactly what you need to stay energized and fit.

Lipo Shot-Fat Reduction

Similar to B12 shots, Lipotropic Shots can help those looking to lose weight achieve their goals faster and easier.  Concentrated nutrients help the body do what it does naturally more efficiently.

Neck Lipo

Lipo around the neck may seem daunting but achieving the perfect jaw line or removing unwanted fat can restore your confidence.


Had an appointment with Dawn today. She did a wonderful job! The place is clean and organized. She knows her product as well. My face feels amazing!!! I have been coming here for years and she always delivers the same service.

Ewa B.